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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beware Of Text Marketing Campaigns

Many people have received text messages advising them that they are entitled to a range of different way to make money through either lawsuits or legal loopholes. These text campaigns range from being entitled to money for an accident, write of debt and ppi insurance claims. These texts are marketing campaigns aim to either get someone to answer yes, in which case they pass on your details to a company who deal with it or no in which case they pass your details on to a company who will sell it as an active phone number.

There is a lot of different companies who will carry out these text messaging campaigns but one way to spot them is to look for a lead generating company. Unless you have requested a company to contact you then it is advised that you never answer these message as it will only ever mean you will be contacted by a company who see you as a quick cash cow.

Rogue Traders Blog

I am someone who is sick and tired of receiving poor customers service from companies who only care about making money and ripping people off. I have decided to start this blog to give people who have been ripped off a voice and a chance at helping others to not make the same mistake.

If everyone who received bad customer service, got poor quality work or just simply got ripped off decided to tell everyone else about it then maybe we can help shut down or improve the worst business out there.

If you feel you have been treated unfairly then let us know or just join in the chat with a comment. we either work together to stop rogue traders or it will continue.